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    Insertion Sheet
    Insertion Sheet
    CV106-Insertion Rubber Sheet

    Available size 1~50mm X 1~1.5m X 1~20m
    Feature: Remarkable transporting ability
    ,High abrasion resistance,high tensile strength waterproof,non-slip
    Application: General use
    ,applied to grain,salt,ore,sand,coal,mineral,chemical,power plant,metallurgy,stope etc.

    1ply 2ply 3ply

    Thickness*Length: 2-50mm×5-20m

    Width: Within 2meters, usually 1.0 , 1.2, 1.5meters

    Specific Gravity: 1.5~1.8g/cm3

    Tensile strength: over 3.0Mpa

    he insertion rubber sheet can be made of  Tvariety of rubber sheet ,such as SBR,NBR,CR,etc,

    The insertion including cotton insertion , nylon insertion , terylene insertion , EP insertion, can insert one layer or two layers cloth


    Surface is smooth or fabric impression

    Character: excellent tensile strength and little deformation